1971-2021: ASONEXT develops and delivers the precise steel grades and alloys…

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Steel is not just steel

 ASONEXT will ensure that your steels meet the properties of the material that your products require.

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Certified Quality

Produced, checked and certified with dedication. 

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ASONEXT, values for a better world

We aim to increase the competiveness of our customers and satisfy our responsibility towards nature and people.


Products and solutions

Steel - Building Material for the Future

Oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, wind energy, high-speed trains, aviation and aerospace, the automotive sector: steel is everywhere. ASONEXT develops and delivers the precise steel grades and alloys that facilitate progress.
Hand in Hand with our Customer, we work on developing new solutions. Your requirements are our motivation to produce the best possible steel for you.




170.000 m2
of total production area

150.000 tons
of production capacity

50 tons
electric arc furnace


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Discover the application examples of ASONEXT products solutions.

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The right material for every job.

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Certificates and Approvals

Produced, checked and certified with dedication.

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