50 years history

As part of its policy to expand its presence in different business sectors, ASONEXT has improved its versatility and strengthened and its international presence by focusing on producing special steel grades and alloys for high-tech applications.
The greatest benefit to our customers – 50 years experience.



Founded by Aldo Artioli

ASONEXT is a manufacturing company originated from ASO Acciai Speciali Ospitaletto which was founded in 1971 by Aldo Artioli.
Aldo Artioli was a metallurgical chemistry expert with a strong business acumen. 

Installation of the first 10 tons furnace

As part of an ongoing process of innovation, ASONEXT has consistently brought in new equipment while always maintaining a high commitment towards investments in technology and human resources.
In 1972, the installation of the first 10 tons furnace enabled ASONEXT to supply end users with a highly diverse range of ingots.

Installation of the first ladle furnace and vacuum degassing
1990 saw the installation of the first ladle furnace (LF) and the first vacuum degassing (VD) plant, as a result of ASONEXT's ongoing commitment to investing heavily in technology and human resources.

Installation of a new 50 tons furnace

In early 2002 the existing melting furnace was replaced with a new one of a variable capacity of 30–50 tons. A second, more modern, vacuum degassing system was built and installed the same year.

Asonext storia

Asonext storia

Third ladle furnace and vacuum degassing

A third LF and an adjacent VD system were installed in 2006 to increase ASONEXT capacity and guarantee excellent product quality as a result of accurate control of furnace holding times.

Installation of vacuum arc remelting 

As part of its ongoing process of innovation, ASONEXT installed a vacuum arc remelting (VAR) system in 2007, mainly for steel grades for the aerospace industry.

Asonext storia

Asonext storia

35 tons induction furnace

In 2008 ASONEXT installed a 35-tons induction furnace and a new off-gas extraction system.

ASOFORGE was founded - 5000 tons press

A new facility, called ASOFORGE, was founded in 2010 to produce forged bars from ingots made at the steel mill. This new 15,000 m² facility stands on 25,000 m² of land in Castegnato (Brescia), very close to the new Brescia - Bergamo - Milan motorway.

Asonext storia

Asonext storia

A new electric slag remelting

In 2013 ASONEXT started with a new ESR (electric slag remelting) production.

News 45 tons induction furnace

In 2018 ASONEXT installed a new 45 tons induction furnace.

Asonext storia

Asonext storia

Installation of a new 2850 tons press

Installation of a new forging press of 2850 Ton, giving the possibility to extend the bars and block size range.


ASONEXT now works hand in hand with all their customers in order to meet their specific requirements. In an area of around 240,000 m², more than 230 employees are totally dedicated to meet the customers‘ daily demands and to give 100% satisfaction.

Asonext storia



Values & Mission
Our Values for a Better World

ASONEXT spares no effort for its customers. Together we create solutions that make it possible to master the major challenges of the future.
“We aim to increase the competitiveness of our customers and satisfy our responsibility towards nature and people”.


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